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10 Reasons to Use Courier Services

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  1. Speed
  2. Scheduled Drivers
  3. Reliable Service
  4. Security
  5. Cost Savings
  6. Package Restrictions
  7. Freed Up Resources
  8. Support Services
  9. Liability
  10. Customer Retention


In today’s fast-paced world where speed is paramount, a standard delivery service won’t always get the job done. A courier service can step in and provide a much quicker and more reliable solution than old-fashioned “snail mail” or other slower delivery options that take three to five days. 

courier service is typically a privately owned company specializing in door-to-door pickup and delivery of parcels on short notice. Examples of businesses and organizations that rely on couriers include clinics and hospitals for transporting medical specimens, law firms when shipping crucial legal documents and automotive supply companies that must ship parts immediately to meet customer demands. 

Why Use a Courier Delivery Company?

There are many reasons to use courier services in your business operations:


1. Speed

Hiring a courier is often the fastest way to get a parcel from point A to point B. Many companies offer same-day delivery services — the courier will come to your office, plant, clinic, store or any other location to pick up your item and immediately transport it to its destination. This process saves precious time and gives your business a competitive edge. In situations involving an urgent medical shipment, a courier service could even be a lifesaver. 


2. Scheduled Deliveries

Have you ever had the unsettling experience of not knowing when the driver will arrive to pick up an important package? A local courier service offers the flexibility to schedule specific pickup and delivery times by establishing regular routes. 

This is ideal for businesses that make repeat deliveries to the same locations at the same time. No more pacing the floor or looking out the window for signs of the FedEx or UPS Inc. truck, or worrying if a parcel reached your customer in time. Many couriers can even set up schedules that include after-hours, weekend and holiday service.


3. Reliable Service

Since most courier services are local or regional, you can have the peace of mind of dealing with a company you trust. Couriers usually know the area well and understand your business or organization’s unique delivery needs. If there’s ever a problem with a delivery, you can contact someone nearby who can handle the issue promptly. You can’t always say the same about larger national and international package delivery operations.


4. Security

Couriers offer a direct delivery service, making it less likely for your valuable item to get lost in transit. Fewer steps in the delivery process also reduce the risk of damage to fragile goods due to overhandling. As most couriers serve a small, familiar customer base, their reputation within the local business community matters. You can be sure your courier implements the most stringent safety and security measures to protect your precious parcels. 


5. Cost Savings

Are you fed up with the exorbitant prices big delivery companies charge? Couriers can provide a more cost-effective alternative. Because these smaller businesses have lower operating expenses, they can often deliver your goods for less money. You’ll also benefit from working with a local company that can offer more flexible pricing options based on your unique needs. The reliability of a local courier can help you avoid loss of business due to poor delivery service.


6. Fewer Package Size and Type Restrictions

Do you have to ship extra-large or unusually shaped objects? While many larger standard carriers may refuse to make these deliveries, they’re usually not a problem for a local courier service. Many specialize in handling nonstandard parcels that are beyond the scope of other companies. They know how to handle these goods safely and ensure they arrive at their destination on time and in one piece. 

7. Frees Up Resources

Another benefit of courier delivery services is that they allow companies to focus on what they do best — running their business. By serving as an extension of your business, a third-party courier removes the burden from your shoulders and allows you to devote more of your labor force to other tasks. Turning the delivery process over to a specialist can also increase efficiency and contribute to lower operating costs. Your customers will appreciate the professionalism a dedicated courier service provides.

8. Access to Support Services

Many companies that offer courier delivery are full-service transportation entities that can support your business in other ways. Some provide logistical solutions that add value to your distribution network. They may also offer warehousing facilities to assist with handling and storing your goods. Consolidating these services with one entity provides convenience and cost savings and can increase your company’s operating efficiency.

9. Reduced Liability

A reputable courier service carries insurance that protects you if your goods are damaged while in transit. Not using in-house drivers or maintaining a vehicle fleet also reduces your liability exposure. You won’t have to worry about company employees causing accidents while making deliveries that can raise your insurance costs and possibly result in an expensive lawsuit.

10. Increased Customer Retention

Your customers will benefit from the combination of on-time deliveries, professional handling, lower shipping costs and more reliable service you can provide while using a courier service. This increased satisfaction can boost loyalty and enable you to retain more business. You can also gain a competitive edge that allows you to attract more customers and grow your business. 

Contact ExpressIt to Learn More

If you operate a business in the Northeast or other parts of the United States, ExpressIt can provide reliable same-day courier services and other custom logistics solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs. As one of the few female-owned businesses in our industry, we offer a caring, family-oriented approach that our competitors can’t match. Our growth mindset enables us to adapt our services to your business’s evolving transportation requirements.

We’re happy to provide additional reasons to use a courier company for your crucial deliveries. Contact us to request more information and a no-obligation quote today.