Courier Service and ExpressIt FAQs

ExpressIt is a forward-thinking logistics company with an extensive history of providing reliable delivery solutions. Our third-party courier services will enhance your business's capabilities and facilitate growth. We've compiled some frequently asked questions below to help you learn more about our courier services and the ways ExpressIt pushes boundaries in the logistics industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Consider these FAQs to further understand our courier services.

What Is a Courier Service? How Is It Different From Typical Delivery?

A courier service is an alternative to standard postal and delivery options. When you choose ExpressIt for courier services, we become your third-party partner for all deliveries.

Courier services offer a few notable advantages over standard delivery services, including:

  • Speed: As a courier service provider, we offer enhanced shipping options for faster deliveries than standard postal services.
  • Local expertise: Couriers focus on local and regional deliveries to provide the fastest delivery times for your business's most frequent customers.
  • Mass delivery capabilities: This option offers the most cost-effective solutions for large deliveries.
  • Weight capacity: A courier can deliver heavier-than-average packages more quickly than typical delivery options.
  • Tracking options: Couriers implement the latest tracking technology to provide the most accurate information.
  • Versatility: A courier is the best option for specialized shipments. We can customize your delivery to satisfy any unique requests.

How Much Do Courier Services Typically Cost?

The cost of courier service depends on factors such as distance, time, size, weight and speed. This flexible pricing model offers cost advantages over standard delivery prices. 

Where standard delivery providers set firm costs for all deliveries, we use a flexible pricing model for our courier services. You'll find opportunities to save by choosing a lower-cost delivery option when possible. For instance, our flexible pricing model allows us to charge less for large deliveries, while a standard provider would charge you their normal flat rate. 

What's the Typical Timeline of a Courier Delivery?

Courier delivery offers the greatest range in delivery times so that you can choose a cost-effective and fast option when there's a customer you need to impress. Here's how it works:

  • Package your parcel and prepare it for pickup.
  • Request pickup through our client portal.
  • Select your delivery option — standard, routed, next-day, same-day or rush.
  • Track your ExpressIt courier delivery from the client portal.

Who Can Benefit From Courier Services?

Our courier services offer competitive shipping options for businesses in industries such as automotive, defense, health care, manufacturing, wholesale and beyond. We recommend courier services to manage:

  • Rush or last-minute orders.
  • Unique shipping requirements.
  • Demand for precise tracking.
  • Personalized packaging requests.

ExpressIt FAQs

ExpressIt is an experienced family-owned business powered by a talented female leadership team. We contribute innovative solutions to the logistics industry by leveraging our skills and commitment to reliable, customer-centric services. Learn more about our business below.


What Are Our Hours of Operation?

We recognize that you need delivery options that keep up with the most fast-paced industries. That's why we offer courier services every day of the week. ExpressIt is open seven days a week between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What Areas Do We Serve?

ExpressIt primarily services customers in the Northeast region of the United States. Our typical delivery areas include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Providence, Rhode Island. However, flexibility is an essential part of what makes our business unique. We're happy to discuss jobs outside of our standard delivery areas, so reach out to the ExpressIt team to see if we can accommodate your situation. 

What Industries Can We Work With?

At ExpressIt, we have decades of experience providing courier services for partners across industries. The most common industries we serve include defense, automotive, manufacturing, health care, construction, legal and wholesale. Looking for courier services for a company in another industry? Our expertise applies to all industries, so reach out to discuss your needs. 

What Does Our Fleet Look Like?

At ExpressIt, we use a delivery fleet built to accommodate small and midsize businesses, or SMBs. Most of our vehicles are cargo vans that complete local deliveries. However, we can scale our delivery capabilities to meet your needs. ExpressIt's fleet can complete small deliveries for upstarts and large deliveries for major corporations.

How Can I Track My Delivery?

We recognize the importance of order tracking in today's logistics industry. Customer satisfaction is one of your top priorities, so you want to make sure their orders arrive on time consistently. You can track your ExpressIt deliveries from our client portal. We provide accurate order tracking information so that you can see where each order stands and update your customers accordingly. 

How Do I Get Started With ExpressIt?

ExpressIt's innovative logistics solutions will accelerate delivery times to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. You can begin using our courier services by discussing your needs with one of our representatives. We invite you to contact us online to receive a free quote today. 

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