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Importance of Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Real-time tracking has become one of the most crucial aspects of on-demand deliveries. According to one study, 93% of consumers want to track their orders and receive communication throughout the delivery process. Real-time courier delivery tracking is a difference-maker for businesses that want to succeed in a highly competitive market.

It matters because it helps consumers feel secure and reassured. Meanwhile, your business will benefit by meeting consumer expectations and providing better customer satisfaction. To help you understand the importance of real-time courier tracking, we’ve created this guide to show you the benefits of GPS tracking for B2B delivery and solutions you can add to your processes.

Why Use Real-Time Delivery Tracking?

Real-time tracking helps logistics managers and shippers access information about a package’s condition, position and movement through technologies such as GPS, radiofrequency identification and barcode scanning. These tools connect through a centralized system that allows shippers and managers to effectively manage their deliveries, improving the likelihood of them arriving on time and in good shape.

Various aspects of real-time tracking give you confidence and increased awareness of your shipment’s success during the most critical moments. Still, there is so much more to the importance of real-time delivery tracking and the ways it can help streamline the delivery process.

GPS Tracking for Peace of Mind

Real-time delivery tracking relies on GPS, which uses a network of satellites to track a vehicle and send that signal to a central system. By using GPS tracking, admins and managers can rest assured they’ll have information about the driver’s location, the status of their assignment and idle and transit time and distances at all times.

B2B shipment visibility can also help your team find the most efficient routes, allowing you to reduce the amount of time your drivers stay on the road and save time and money on shipping. GPS data may also improve delivery operations by helping you identify high delivery demand and other customer behavior patterns.

Stay on Top of Delays as They Happen

Another perk of real-time courier delivery tracking is that your company gets to identify less efficient routes, allowing you to reconfigure them to save time during transit in particular areas. For example, if your company becomes aware that a specific route experiences frequent delays due to traffic or weather, you can proactively optimize the delivery schedule and avoid those areas.

Less Communication Necessary Between Stops

B2B shipment visibility benefits companies and clients. Businesses spent many years tracking their drivers by calling them. While this method was practical in the absence of other solutions, it also forced drivers to juggle driving and phone calls. Real-time delivery tracking offers drivers the safety of focusing on their deliveries, while dispatchers can pinpoint where drivers are at all times. Streamlined communications create a more efficient delivery process and allow drivers to focus on their tasks.

Additionally, technology allows companies to notify their clients of the estimated delivery date and times in advance. People who know when their package will arrive may rearrange their schedules to be sure they’re around to accept the delivery. Customers will also be less likely to call your contact center for delivery updates, which helps you manage expectations.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

According to G2, GPS-based fleet tracking systems create a 54% increase in customer satisfaction levels. With last-mile delivery tracking services, consumers are happy because it gives them an extra layer of shipment visibility before arrival, such as an accurate ETA and real-time updates about any unexpected delays. It also helps you understand what clients want most from their experience and how to improve upon it by customizing their next delivery to meet their needs.

Reduction of Theft

Sometimes, a robbery occurs during delivery, affecting the client’s trust in your company and making your personnel more guarded. Real-time B2B shipment visibility helps you improve safety and security and gives you peace of mind.

It identifies when an item went missing based on its last scan, narrowing down where it was at that time. Depending on your chosen delivery system, you may even set up real-time geofencing alerts to notify you when a package goes outside its designated delivery area. All these aspects can help you find weak points in your security, which items are more likely to get lost or stolen and which routes they disappear on more frequently so you can prevent further delivery disruptions.

What Does a Real-Time Delivery Solution Look Like?

With the correct real-time delivery tracking solution, you’ll experience excellent accuracy, efficiency and increased satisfaction — it all depends on what features your chosen system includes. When looking for a delivery tracking solution, consider the following.

  • Real-time analytics: Access information about delivery times, your drivers’ performance and route efficiency to understand areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.
  • Historic data availability: A history function will allow you to access information about past deliveries when needed for solving disputes and answering queries.
  • Digital proof of delivery: Businesses can improve their delivery management by getting a system with features like time stamping, image capturing and sign-on glass.
  • Automatic alerts and reminders: Sending clients automatic notifications about delivery updates is an ideal way to enhance customer satisfaction because it shows them your business is proactive about their deliveries.
  • Seamless integration: Confirm that you can integrate your chosen software into your current workflows and systems for a more seamless switch to real-time delivery management.
  • Easily accessible data: Look for a system with browser-based applications, cloud storage and mobile driver apps to ensure your staff can access delivery data anytime and anywhere they are.

Use Real-Time Delivery Tracking With ExpressIt Delivery

Real-time tracking and B2B shipment visibility are some of the best ways to get ahead of your competition. To meet modern consumer demands, you must choose effective tools and a knowledgeable support staff. ExpressIt Delivery is a company of delivery professionals with over 38 years of experience, ready to help you with your company’s last-mile delivery needs. Our specialists will keep you updated throughout the delivery process with up-to-the-minute GPS tracking and frequent tracking. Interested? We welcome you to sign up for our Client Portal today or contact us to learn more about our services!