Delivery & Courier Services in New York

New York Delivery

No matter where your business is located in New York — from Manhattan to the Bronx to Buffalo — you know that everything operates at a fast pace and runs on a tight timeline. To keep up with this pace, you need to partner with a third-party delivery company that can easily adapt to a wide range of shipping needs. It helps to work with a company that's familiar with the best routes in the area, too. 

Here at ExpressIt Delivery, we've been leading the Northeast area with our dependable courier and delivery services. We ensure packages reach their destinations safely and on time. Through our trucking experience and wide range of services, we'll make shipping throughout New York seamless for your business. 


Our Courier and Delivery Services in New York 

No matter what industry your business is in, we have the delivery services you need. For over 38 years, we've been partnering with and supporting industries including the automotive, wholesale, health care and manufacturing industries.

Whether you need to transport sensitive documents or medications or need large, bulky freight shipped across the state, we've got you covered. Our trained, certified team is made up of experts across multiple fields, and we offer an array of services designed to fit your schedule. When you need items delivered as fast as possible, we offer same-day and next-day shipping services. For recurring shipments, we offer scheduled shipments. We'll make sure your needs are taken care of consistently over time. 

Of course, some packages will require a little bit more care. We can handle those, too. Whether you're shipping craft beer, gourmet restaurant products or medical supplies, our specialty deliveries ensure your unique needs are handled with the utmost attention to detail. 

No matter which option you choose, we can ship your packages to any residence or place of business. We offer convenient, fast and flexible delivery solutions you can count on every time.

Why Partner With Our Courier Company in New York?

Here at ExpressIt Delivery, we don't deliver a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we listen to your specific needs and goals and then tailor each service to your requests. 

We'll serve as an extension of your company, helping you reach your goals and free up time and resources to dedicate to other aspects of your business. 

Our team is committed to providing you with transparent pricing. We also use technological innovations like up-to-the-minute GPS tracking and online ordering to make the entire process user-friendly.


Contact Us Today for Reliable, Cost-Effective Shipping Services in New York 

ExpressIt Delivery is proud to be a woman-owned logistics business serving New York and the rest of the Northeast area. You can be confident that we'll provide you with exceptional shipping services that solve your business's challenges and help you reach your goals.

Whether you are interested in our courier or specialty delivery services, our team is here to help. Want to receive more information or request a quote? Just fill out our online contact form, and we'll be in touch.