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How to Improve Logistics Efficiency

When you work in an essential industry like health care, manufacturing or the automotive business, you need proven, dependable ways to manage your logistics and provide on-time deliverables for your clients. Improving logistics efficiency is critical for your timeliness, profits, reputation and success.


What Does an Efficient Logistics Process Look Like?

An efficient logistics process in a business offers unmistakable advantages. It streamlines operations, minimizes downtime, gets products from place to place quickly and adds tremendous overall value. Below are some main benefits of efficient logistics: 

  • Reduced costs: Efficient business processes are often economical because they trim waste and excess. More efficient transportation routes decrease driving times and fuel costs, for instance, and more efficient warehousing strategies allow you to fit more inventory into a space and reduce your storage costs. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Increased logistics efficiency often means improved fulfillment times as well. Customers who receive their orders promptly are more likely to feel pleased with your services. Their increased satisfaction also makes them more likely to become repeat customers. By using your efficient logistics to give your customers exemplary service, you can build an extensive, loyal client base and set yourself up for continuing success and profits.
  • Better relationship with suppliers: Enhanced logistics also enable you to build enduring relationships with your suppliers. Suppliers want to know you have the infrastructure and protocols necessary to move significant quantities of their products and make your relationship fruitful. By demonstrating your command of logistics efficiency, you make yourself an appealing partner for suppliers and ensure a steady supply of quality products for your clients. 
  • Stronger industry reputation: Stellar logistics efficiency boosts your overall reputation in your industry. You’ll gain standing with clients, become a more attractive business partner and attract more qualified and capable employees.

5 Ways to Improve Logistics Efficiency

When you’re thinking about how to achieve efficient logistics, you’ll need a concrete plan for improving existing procedures and developing new ones to maintain your success. Below are five of the best methods for achieving efficient logistics process improvements for your operation.

1. Invest in New Technology

Investing in the latest technology is critical for keeping your organizational efficiency high. As technology improves, it brings businesses new methods for streamlining logistics and completing processes faster. Here are a few excellent options for technology to invest in:

  • GPS tracking: GPS tracking is invaluable in logistics management because it gives managers up-to-the-minute data about their fleets and shipments. GPS is beneficial because it enables suppliers to track shipments and give your business precise information about when you’ll have them. And when you’re sending packages directly to the end-user, GPS tracking lets you use route optimization strategies to get items there faster. 
  • Information management systems: Information management systems boost your efficiency by giving you a centralized digital repository for data, so you’ll always have the information you require at your fingertips. When you need different departments or locations to work seamlessly together, an integrated information management system keeps everyone on the same page by providing access to essential inventory data and other information.
  • Automation technology: Automation enables you to develop more efficient logistics by repurposing your human capital. Using machines for basic processes like data entry lets you free up your human staff members to work on more complex tasks. Focusing one of your most significant assets — employee brainpower — on higher-level projects lets your company make tremendous strides in productivity and efficiency.

2. Determine and Monitor KPIs

To improve logistics efficiency, you’ll also want to determine the key progress indicators (KPIs) you’ll use to gauge your success. You’ll also need to monitor those KPIs, assess your performance and adjust your protocols as necessary. KPIs might include the number of deliveries made on time, your order cycle time or your transportation and warehousing costs. 

Developing and monitoring KPIs is useful because it takes much of the guesswork out of your logistics strategy. It gives you concrete metrics with which to measure your logistical efficiency and evaluate your progress. 

3. Train Your Staff Thoroughly

The best technology in the world won’t increase your logistics efficiency unless your employees feel confident using it. Be sure to provide your staff the training they need to understand the tools they use. If you introduce an upgraded logistics management system or new technology, give your staff members comprehensive initial training. Provide ongoing training as well to develop their skills and increase the value they bring to your business. 

4. Foster Interdepartmental Communication

Effective communication between different departments is essential for ensuring efficient logistics. If your warehouse has a backlog that needs resolving, or if your supply delivery fleet won’t be able to get your shipment out until next week, you need to know about these situations right away so you can address them. Making it easy for your departments to communicate and access the same store of information is critical to your logistical efficiency and quick problem-solving.

5. Outsource to 3PL

If managing business logistics effectively has proven tricky for your company, turning to a third-party logistics (3PL) business might be just the solution you need to kick-start your efficiency. The two most frequently outsourced logistics processes are warehousing and transportation. 

ExpressIt’s logistics solutions, for example, help improve logistics efficiency by providing customizable deliveries when you need to move shipments rapidly. If you’re looking to enhance your existing fleet or transport specific high-priority packages quickly, we’re here to keep your products moving safely into the right hands. We offer several delivery types:

  • Same-day delivery: Same-day delivery services help you meet tight deadlines by getting products to their destinations the day you send them. 
  • Routed delivery: Routed delivery services transport your products across established, scheduled routes to deliver them quickly and safely. 
  • Courier delivery: When you need a secure, individualized approach, our courier delivery services provide package deliveries for speedy fulfillment. 
  • Last-mile delivery: If you need to get products from the warehouse, distribution center or store to their ultimate destinations, last-mile delivery services can transport them on that last step of the way.
  • Custom delivery: We also offer customizable options to help you meet your organization’s unique logistics and transportation needs. If you need to handle a return or transport unique cargo like a live pet, we can make the journey quick and easy. 

Work With ExpressIt for Efficient Logistics Solutions

When you need to make your business more efficient and reliable, contact ExpressIt for logistics solutions.

We are a family- and woman-owned business that provides rapid delivery solutions for high-priority business needs. We also offer warehousing solutions and specialized options for various industries. With pharmaceutical deliveries, for instance, our employees are HIPAA-certified and can carry all types of medical products. Our helpful, caring teams are always here to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise. 

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