ExpressIt Delivery held its first annual Employee Appreciation Night on Friday, June 8th at Fenway Park. To emphasize team spirit, employees and their guests enjoyed a picnic, baseball game, and refreshments and even had their photo featured on the stadium Jumbotron.

Co-owners, Andi Shaughnessy and Danielle Carter believe that their employees’ hard work and dedication play a crucial role in the company’s continued growth.  “ Our employees are our number one asset and we would not be where we are today, without their hard work and dedication. They give 110% daily and it’s extremely important to us that they feel appreciated and know how grateful we are” said Andi.  “Being a family-owned business, we know first hand the value of family time. We had a great night getting to know our employee’s families and loved sharing ours,” remarked Danielle

While Team ExpressIt members are looking forward to the next Employee Appreciation Night, the company strives to have a workplace culture that nurtures employee appreciation each and every day.