Outsourcing Delivery Services to ExpressIt Delivery

ExpressIt can help your business focus on what you do best.

If product delivery is a significant component of your business and brand, our outsourced delivery services might be right for your business. Many merchants are finding a competitive edge outsourcing their delivery services to us. We will handle order fulfillment, and inventory management and logistics. This will allow you to focus on the revenue-growing aspects of your business.

At ExpressIt, we use industry leading software combined with our experienced and professional staff to see that your orders are shipped accurately and quickly. We have been in business since 1981 and we have decades of experience achieving the most efficient and expedient delivery possible for your business.

Our outsourced delivery services can help your business;
  • Focus on what you do best - Letting ExpressIt Delivery take over distribution and delivery of your products is guaranteed to free up a ton of your valuable time. With the extra time, you can focus on the things that will help continue to grow your business: marketing and selling more products to more customers.
  • Reduce Operational Costs - Your business is not logistics. Your business is serving customers by providing the highest quality products. ExpressIt Delivery can handle not only delivery, but order receiving and fulfillment, inventory management and storage, packing and shipping, and even ensuring quality customer service! This can be a huge and expensive variety of tasks to attempt to handle in-house.
  • Save On Shipping Costs - Delivery logistics is what we do best, and we serve many clients throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond everyday. Your business can take advantage of our bargaining power with shippers to lower your shipping costs; saving you time and money.

When partnering with us you can count on honest, no excuse, straightforward communication with a simple commitment: ”We do what we say.”

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Our delivery services

ExpressIt operates a fleet of vehicles throughout the Northeast that range in size from light pickups and vans to 24 foot straight trucks staffed by professional, courteous uniformed drivers. We can service a wide variety of transportation needs including same-day rush, routed and dedicated service.

Our Clients Include

Southwest Cargo

Relentlessly Reliable Air Cargo

Stop and Shop


Dancing Deer

Baking Company

World Pac

Wholesale Distributer of OE Parts for Import and Domestic Vehicles