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Courier Delivery Service in Massachusetts

For over 30 years ExpressIt Delivery has provided rush, same-day courier delivery services to a broad range of industries in Massachusetts. We have created a customer focused, woman-owned courier delivery services business that combines technology and people with old-fashioned values.

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Fleet Management Services in Massachusetts

For expressit, courier pick up and delivery is a respected business that should demand the utmost in professionalism from our Massachusetts courier delivery specialists. We believe in the value of the courier delivery services we provide and take great pride in making our Massachusetts clients look good.

auto parts delivery services in Massachusetts

Automotive Parts Delivery in Massachusetts

We provide automotive parts delivery services and warehousing to help your auto parts business meet your delivery goals in Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer service focus, and reliable courier delivery services for all of your auto parts delivery needs in Massachusetts.

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Medical Industry Delivery Services in Massachusetts

All ExpressIt delivery specialists throughout Massachusetts wear uniforms, carry proper id (including client-issued badges) and receive extensive annual training, testing, and certification in transporting blood borne Pathogens, transporting Hazardous Material, and HiPAA compliance.

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We provide online order entry and tracking on all deliveries. Your managers are guaranteed to receive email proof of delivery and pick up with our mobile units carried by every specialist. Each delivery is scanned using our bar code technology.

About Us

We are committed to building a bond of trust through reliability and communication, excellence in performance, exceptional customer service, and support for our Massachusetts partners. ExpressIt is highly experienced in successfully administering and fulfilling contracts with diverse Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New England based companies, including Health care, defense contractors, Auto Parts, electronics Manufacturing, legal and others. We operate every phase of our franchise—sales, marketing, operations and administration—and, most importantly, we maximize efficiency and peace of mind for “senior Partners".

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ExpressIt is a full-service, same-day regional courier and delivery company in Massachusetts
with one of the premier teams of delivery specialists in the business.

ExpressIt is focused on reliably picking up and safely delivering our Massachusetts courier delivery service clients’ possessions, whether it’s a unique lab sample, defense department equipment or common auto parts.

ExpressIt has dependably delivered same-day service for over thirty years in New England.

ExpressIt specializes in growing partner relationships via frequent communications and reliable service.

ExpressIt will employ an appropriate force of delivery specialists to perform the door-to-door courier efforts necessary to help grow your business operations.

As the official courier solution for a large group of well known New England businesses, ExpressIt is well-positioned to bring reliability and peace of mind to our senior partners.

Our delivery specialists are trained to handle unique requirements, including going the extra mile to make sure that what was supposed to be picked up was picked up.

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