About ExpressIt Delivery

A Lifetime of Experience

It was 1981, I was 6 years old and ExpressIt’s first order was placed and dispatched from our family’s living room. That action heralded the launch of our family-owned business and from that moment on we were all a part of Super Service Delivery (ExpressIt’s original name). Growing up in a family-owned business meant one thing to my sister and I - each day would be filled with exposure to our father’s hard work, commitment and dedication. Even our nightly dinner conversations revolved around deliveries and logistics - the company was truly our world and we were immersed in it.

Our Dad taught us that our customer relationships are the most important part of this business. He pledged to his clients that he would communicate clearly and often, treat them honestly and deliver their packages with pride and on time. Our ExpressIt family keeps that pledge going everyday.

Danielle Carter and Andi Shaughnessy
Co-Owners, ExpressIt Delivery

Who are we?

For over 30 years ExpressIt delivery has provided rush, same-day delivery services to a broad range of industries throughout New England. We have created a customer focused, woman-owned business that combines technology and people with old-fashioned values.

ExpressIt operates a fleet of vehicles throughout the Northeast that range in size from light pickups and vans to 24 foot straight trucks staffed by professional, courteous uniformed drivers. We can service a wide variety of transportation needs including same-day rush, routed and dedicated service.

We have a history of creating significant savings and innovative systems for our clients throughout the New England region. As sisters, we are in lock step when it comes to our approach of over-delivering on promises. This theme was gleaned from decades of working at the side of our father, the founder and chief architect of the ExpressIt concept, Michael Shaughnessy. He drilled a simple commitment into our head, “We do what we say!”.

The senior Management of ExpressIt is highly experienced in successfully administering and fulfilling contracts with diverse local and regional companies, including Health care, defense contractors, Auto Parts, electronics Manufacturing, legal and others. We operate every phase of our franchise—sales, marketing, operations and administration—and, most importantly, we maximize efficiency and peace of mind for our customers.

What makes us different?


Relationship Focused

ExpressIt’s unique combination of “big company” management experience coupled with “small company” personal relationships and service delivers unbeatable results for our customers. We’re large enough to deliver, yet still able to provide the singular focus and dedication required to be the best in traditional and innovative forms of delivery.


Leading Innovation

ExpressIt employs the e-courier system, the most current technology in the space, which allows for constant checking and updates throughout the route. Our dispatch center has experienced professionals who have been working with the technology since it was made available.


Reliable Delivery Professionals

ExpessIt's full-service, premier team of delivery specialists allows us to deliver you the best service in the business.

How it all started...

Our founding father, Michael Shaughnessy, was a visionary in this space when he started the company back in 1981 with a call and dispatch from his family’s living room. He and his daughters worked side by side throughout his career and their commitment to the company was, and is, unwavering in its support. When Mr. Shaughnessy passed, both daughters stepped into the roles they had been trained and prepared for since childhood. ExpressIt is here for the long haul and your business can feel comfortable trusting in our 30+ years of delivery service experience.

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"We have been doing business with ExpressIt for nearly a decade. Their courier service is reliable, dependable and professional. They have supported and partnered with us to serve our customers as well as the community. It has been a pleasure working with expressit and we look forward to a longstanding relationship with them."

Dancing Deer Baking Company, Boston, MA